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Roll 'em

cone%20fairy.JPGSometime before 7 a.m., the Traffic Cone Fairy visited our street, clearing the way for the Law & Order crew tomorrow morning. They'll be rehearsing their interior scene at about our usual breakfast hour, in our slightly transformed kitchen. Last Friday, the  set dressers came out and removed our window decor, refrigerator magnets, cookbooks, and assorted tchotchkes, and replaced them with a convincingly random tumble of food and clutter for "Carl," the character whose "exurban house" the CrazyStable is standing in for. They also replaced our huge farmhouse table with a dinky one, so we've been eating off a network television prop for two days now. Everything's topsy-turvy, but we are being very decently remunerated, so we will shut up and follow orders tomorrow when the trailers pull up and disgorge their light-meter-toting hordes.

noparksign.JPGOnly disappointment: This time around, no Jesse L. Martin. He's leaving the show, so my handsome detective, who stalked around our garage with gun drawn last September 2006, will not be part of tomorrow's festivities. Good luck in your future endeavors, Jesse; we'll miss you! 

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