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TV Star + Happy Homeowner!

jesseme.jpgAnd now, on a brighter note (as the cretinous news anchors like to say after every unlikely segue from tragedy to infotainment):

As promised, that's Jesse L. Martin of Law & Order and me.  I am "acting like a damn fool," as my mother would undoubtedly have observed.  Hey, I am making up for lost time, atoning for never having heard of him before an episode of the series was shot at our house a week ago. He is obviously gorgeous, suave, and enormously kind to goofy starstruck middle-aged ladies.  I promise to go see "Rent" when it comes out! (He was in the Bway show, and is in the upcoming movie as well.)  If you missed it, scroll down to find out why this delightful encounter was the direct result of our having neglected to fix up our house for 19 years.

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