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Splendid news everywhere


snowdrops.JPG The snowdrops are up in the back yard!








And so are a bunch of other guys, just barely! 

(I even got my hands dirty in the garden today; I discovered a bag of four pale-yellow "Gipsy Princess" hyacinths that I'd never planted, bravely sprouting in the dark, and stuck them in the ground. Global warming indeed, the ground wasn't remotely frozen even 8 inches down. I also filled the bird feeders, added to the compost heap for the first time in months, and tossed the Christmas wreath in the trash--exhilarating!)

beelzebufo.jpg But the goodness doesn't end there. How often does the news of the day bring tidings of a monster fossilized toad called Beelzebufo? (Here he is shown with a very large contemporary toad and a pencil for comparison; the effect, to me, is an inadvertent allegory of a freelance writer facing her editor at deadline.)


fidel-castro.jpg And speaking of fossilized toads, we learn that Fidel will be passing the torch of liberation to a new generation (or maybe just to his Beelzebuffish brother).   Out with the devil toads, in with the snowdrops!

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