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Some morning cat-caffeine

We haven't had any Friday cat-blogging in awhile; and because we are all justified in being brain-dead by the end of the first week after the holidays, here is an utterly delightful glimpse of how it would look in the CrazyStable master bedroom if Lexi and Charlie combined their strategies and added a little more persuasion. Apparently one zillion people have loved this 'toon on You-Tube, but only here, in the domain of an intellectual-property wonk,  will you learn that it's by Simon Tofield of London-based Tandem Films, and used with his permission. "I plan to make a few more, so keep an eye out," he adds, "I hope they live up to the first one." Given his impeccable comic timing and gorgeous fluid use of line, that's a good bet. 

I think this 'toon, called "Cat Man Do," is something of an homage to Edward Lear and his cat Foss. foss%20and%20lear.jpg For a wonderful retelling of the story of the eccentric nonsense-verse writer and his stub-tailed companion, go here (and check out the lush and idiosyncratic writing of new-to-me bloggeuse Aubrey).   

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