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Blog II: Beyond the Stable

New year, new blog! CrazyStable isn't going anywhere (either the house itself or this journal of our dysfunctional love affair with it). But frankly, I need to get out more, and Prospect Park is right at my doorstep. So I have dared myself to get over to the park every day and post something--a photo, an observation, a bird sighting or other encounter--to keep myself honest. And frankly: This is an ambush against low-grade, recurrent depression, a life-sucking "malignant enemy" (to quote the old Catholic prayer Anima Christi) that has dogged too many people I love, including myself. Samuel Johnson said, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." Well, that's how I feel about the park; I am certain I could go there for 365 consecutive days and find something (or someone) fascinating on every single visit. I propose to do just that. 

Join me at Prospect: A Year in the Park,  where I will be sharing my adventures.ppark%20weeds.JPG





Lake, Prospect Park, Christmas Day 2007

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