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Tranquility debased

It's been a disconcerting August, trying to re-enter ordinary life after a dream-like fortnight in England and Scotland with Spouse and Daughter. Haven't blogged or done much of anything except catch up on bills and laundry and mope over my dessicated garden. Time for some "serenity now"...so I finally decided to unbox the tabletop fountain I bought years ago for about $5 at a stoop sale. My newly renovated studio space is as unsettled as I am, and could use an "oasis of tranquility."

Setting out the parts, I realized that combining electricity and water did not make me tranquil. I plugged in the little pump under the faux-slate waterfall, added water and smooth "river stones" (included!), and winced as it screeched to life. The noise subsided and a slick of water gurgled from the top "step" and back into the base. It looked...awful.

This ridiculous object, crafted in the Number One Chinese Re-Gift Factory, had lurked in the back of my clutter pile, and my mind, as a sort of talisman: When the studio is done, I will create an inspiring corner full of plants, with this little burbling thing tucked in there to refresh my artistic spirit. In classic "toy commercial meets reality" fashion, it was smaller, cheesier, and much less magical than its depiction on the box. As bonsai-scale landscapes go, it was oddly menacing. It reminded me of something. Yes, that's it: Mordor!

Fortunately, we had just the right accessories on hand to create a fitting tableau. No serenity, but at least we enjoyed some warped role-playing with the little fellows. Come on, Mr. Frodo! Just a few more steps!


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