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Love becomes personal

"Philosophical systems, scientific constructions, and slogans leave the heart of man cold. Even a theory about love means little as long as it remains a theory. But let love become personal in some one and then it pulls at every heart-string in the world. There is the secret of the appeal of the Incarnation. Love became Incarnate and dwelt amongst us. Since that day hearts that have known what the Incarnation means can never content themselves with any system which asks us to adore the cosmos. Man never has loved, never will love anything he cannot get his arms around, and the cosmos is too big and too bulky.

That is why the Immense God became a babe in order that we might encircle Him in our arms."

--Fulton J. Sheen, The Divine Romance

Image: Edward Burne-Jones, “Nativity” (1875), William Morris stained glass window, St. Martin’s in the Bull Ring, Birmingham.

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