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Design for Mom

aviva%20glass.JPG Sneaky Spouse: On the day before Mother's Day, he scored me one of these gorgeous little square ginkgo votive glass thingies at the Bklyn Designs fair in DUMBO. It was just about the one thing amongst their sometimes too-quirky and too-designey offerings that I would have picked out for myself (that and the goody from Jacques Torres chocolate). Happy lucky mom and Stablemistress (who loves ginkgo leaves as one of nature's great designs, as does designer Aviva Stanoff). We lit a candle inside the votive on our kitchen table and it
glowed and glimmered.


lycia.jpg I am glad Spouse was not taken instead by these designey lamps from Site-Specific Design. They reminded me of Bestfriend's  warning: "There's a thin line between an outfit and a get-up." This is the lamp version of that maxim. Besides, it reminds me too much of some things that have emerged in the basement during heat waves and sewer clean-outs. Curiously, these lamps are part of a collection dubbed "Childhood Memories" by designer Rui Docouto.  Good luck with the therapy, fella!

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