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A Holly(wood), Jolie Christmas

trailer.JPG  catering.JPG                                                         





Trailers? On-street breakfast catering? No parking signs plastered everywhere? Oh, yawn...not another major motion picture shoot in the neighborhood! The perils of life in Victorian Flatbush! 


A short walk down Rugby Road revealed the location of the shoot: a lovely corner home that was surrealistically swathed in snow and Christmas decorations. (A nearby platform-lift truck must have been used to apply the rooftop snow earlier this morning.) A crew member told me that the movie was "Wanted" with Angelina Jolie, and that, no, Angie wasn't here today. From the trailer, the flick is a darkly fantastical shoot-em-up, slated for release this June; I wonder if these were very late re-takes, since most of it appears to be "in the can."

snowmen.JPG How do you make it snow on a sunny day in Brooklyn? Here's how: buckets of white stuff and a steam-producing flare, and lots of running around when the director yells "Snow!" (The director of this flick is supposedly Russian, but the guy today had no Russian accent; maybe it was an AD.)


steadicam%20shot.JPGThe whole scene was just a quick Steadicam shot of an actor getting out of a car and walking up the festively decorated steps of the house. The Steadicam looks very cumbersome in use.  Here's the shot. actor%20walks.JPG





Right across the street, two parties had reason to feel snubbed by Hollywood's minions. One was  this mockingbird, mocker.JPGwho ran through an amazing repertoire of calls but was non-union and therefore couldn't be included even as background.  


spiderweb%20house.JPGThe other was the neighboring "Spiderweb House," which was a location for "My Super Ex-Girlfriend." This house had been feeling pretty cool about the whole Uma Thurman connection...and then the one across the street scores Angelina!

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