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Caton Park is in my ears and in my eyes

...there, beneath the blue suburban skies...Ahem, and now we return to our regular programming [shifty eyes].  Go figure: My pal Kevin Walsh of Forgotten New York links to CrazyStable as a font of information on Victorian Flatbush (or at least our little corner of it), and a wave of guests click over and encounter...posts about a cat show and a mouse embryo. Sorry, we're a bit distractible here. It's why the house isn't done yet. (Well, that and the money.)

I've actually been planning to share my discoveries on (a) our surrounding micro-neighborhood of "Caton Park," or, as I like to call it, NoProPaSo (North of Prospect Park  South) and (b) the True Actual Recorded History of the Crazy Stable (it actually had some illustrious residents back before its precipitous fall from grace). I will do this very soon, but meanwhile, here are the most Caton-Park-o-centric posts from the archive, all staggering works of heartbreaking genius, as Mr. Eggers would say:

On life next to, but definitely not in, a posh historic district: here.

Our William Styron/Sophie's Choice connection (it's a doozy): here.

Exactly what I think of Dodgers/egg cream/stickball nostalgia addicts: here.

Demographics, or, the gorgeous mosaic meets reality: here.

More multicultie follies--our racial steering story: here.

A walking tour of Prospect Park South: here.

Coming soon: cool facts about Caton Park yanked from the mists of Flatbush history, including True Crime Stories and Tales of Primeval Brooklyn Golf. Meanwhile, below is a chunk of a 1908 map, which doesn't show our streets south of the Parade Grounds laid out yet, although by that time, they were. I guess the "Electric RR" was the trolley along Church Avenue, long gone and surely much more fun than the lumbering B35 bus. 1908map.jpg


Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 10:03AM by Registered CommenterBrenda from Brooklyn | Comments4 Comments

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Reader Comments (4)

lady, you sure can write. your posts always make me want to laugh and cry simultaneously.
October 16, 2007 at 11:36AM | Unregistered Commenteranne
"Sorry, we're a bit distractible here."

S'what we like about you, m'dear!
October 16, 2007 at 04:35PM | Unregistered CommenterJenn
Hey Neighbor! I'm friends with Kevin Walsh as well. We have a house in Flatbush which never seems to be finished either. Luckily, I married the contractor. Check out my blog when you get a chance! fading ad blog http://fadingad.wordpress.com


Got your link from Sustainable Flatbush
October 16, 2007 at 05:30PM | Unregistered CommenterFrank Jump
Thanks, Anne and Jen. Frank Jump--dude! Honored you stopped by. We've been admirers of your enterprise for years. Have you nabbed with your intrepid camera the sign along Fort Hamilton Parkway (seen when east, i.e., away from Verrazano and into Bklyn), alluding to a long-gone restaurant that served "steak and pancakes"? Every time I see it, I mourn a lost world, the world of Brooklyn steak/pancake places...anyway, thanks for stopping by!
October 17, 2007 at 05:22PM | Registered CommenterBrenda from Brooklyn

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