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Can't get no satisfaction

Or, as the Child thought Mick was singing, "Can't get no....sanitation..."

Around here, both have sometimes been accurate assessments of Life. That's why I love the following quote, from the freewheeling Dawn Eden of Dawn Patrol; it was written about the quest for "self-fulfillment" through coupling, but it could just as well apply to my restless inability to find "fulfillment" in any job I've ever had, in parenthood, in...anything--even, I suspect, in whipping this damn house into perfect shape if we won that proverbial lottery:

At any rate, how, pray tell, does one fulfill oneself? There's not a blessed thing I can do to fulfill myself; I'm lucky if I can manage to dress myself. I can, however, make a sincere attempt to help those around me enjoy more fulfilling lives, by trying with all my heart to say and do the most loving thing at every moment.

If I succeed even a small part of the time, I'm that much closer to being fulfilled. But I wouldn't call it fulfilling myself, because that would ignore the economy of grace — which magnifies every good thing I give into something far beyond what my own resources could provide.

The economy of grace--I knew there had to be some economy at work in the CrazyStable. As for Dawn, author of a new book called The Thrill of the Chaste, don't let her conservative-rocker-chick schtick fool you; she's got some major spiritual and intellectual chops, and I expect great things from her. 

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