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Life is too short for this

Sorry to have left you in the grasp of the hysterical Captain Jack Sparrow for so long...but this is how it's been going here:

buster breaks rocks.jpg

No, sadly this is not an allegory of me breaking up the cement pad in the back to plant more perennial borders. I wish. (Which reminds me, I have to get a new sledgehammer, 'cause we used to have one and now we don't anymore. But I digress.) No, this is an allegory of me sitting at my computer toiling for pay in the grip of various clients, trying to atone for taking August off to be a full-time mommy to the vacationing Child. (The big guy on the right is Big Pharma.) The garden has gone wild--I hardly remember to go out and harvest the raspberries, and the rampant slugs are probably dining on everything else.  One of the cats is in kidney failure,  I still haven't gotten a chance to figure out how to upload pictures from my cool new E-bay camera, and my posterior is growing attached to my office chair. Plus, the 20th anniversary of our moving into the CrazyStable is this Sunday, and we haven't scheduled any sort of Festivity, because despite all this rock-breaking, our entertainment budget is at just about zero. (And that's before I get the fence section replaced, the boiler tuned up for autumn,  and the leak repaired in the Roof Valley of Death--all on the "super-urgent" to-do list.)

Gorgeous golden September days were not meant to be spent in front of cathode-ray tubes. So throw off your shackles, and go out and dance in the nearest greensward. Do it now! Especially if I owe you work this week! 

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