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It's Friday, Get Fuzzy With It

The sacred tradition of Cat-Blogging Friday has been neglected here, so today we present the Bermuda Bed Triangle.  cattriangle.jpgAll 3 guys are sharing a rare moment of mutual nonaggression. They are also emitting highly significant amounts of CSF (Cat Sleep Factor), a potent sedative that has been known to cross the human blood-brain barrier from a distance of several feet. Epidermal contact with even 1 cat in deep REM sleep produces sedation comparable to that of low-dose benzodiazepenes; use of up to 2 cats is associated with transient coma-like states in susceptible human subjects. The use of 3 cats in a triangulated dispersal configuration around a human has never been recorded in the literature, but dose-response curve extrapolations raise serious safety concerns regarding lasting brain-wave alterations.  For this reason, our team proposes a preliminary dose-findng investigation of triple-cat high-dose CSF insomnia management using a rodent model.

Or maybe not.

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