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Trying not to drop the balls...

catjuggle.jpg...or apples, or cats...is hard this time of year, when everything seems to happen at once: Child's school and extra-curricular activity stuff, church stuff, work stuff, house renovation stuff...not that we have over-scheduled lives, mind you. In fact, we practice Involuntary Simplicity (the low-budget version of that trendy Voluntary Simplicity).  But whatever happens, happens in overscheduled bunches.

The CrazyStable and I were both overdue for a host of tedious health check-ups, and needless to say, the house came first. Stained glass restored and re-instated: check. Heating system cleanout and tune-up: check. Got a guy to agree to patch  roof: pending. New back fence: Next week.

And yesterday, our tree wizard came over to give Rootbeard the the Mighty Silver Maple (a.k.a. the Ent) a check-up, too. Tree Wizard kicked Rootbeard's tires, er, roots, and declared that the monstre sacré appeared to be healthy, although still growing robustly at four stories' height or so... but he does need some top pruning to reduce the risk of his taking out a chunk of the roof in a storm.  This will not be cheap...but when you live in a symbiotic relationship with an Ent, precautions must be taken. 

angel to ent.jpg Oh, yeah, and this week I went to the doctor, too...fine so far, thank God. No termites, blight, or mold, just some structural sagging and rust...

Top: The Moscow Cats Theatre

Bottom: detail, "Joachim's Dream,"  Giotto (and an Ent)

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