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Cat-Blogging Friday Sinks In!

A strange echo of "Il Nido,"  isn't it? greyguyinsink.jpgThis isn't my cat (although he looks gormless* enough to be a mammal in this household). Many thanks to the good friend who alerted me to CatsInSinks.com.  Being able to sit clicking through these pictures by the multiple dozens, howling and chortling with unalloyed delight, is surely pathognomic for a diagnosis of Cat Madness.  (So, for that matter, is cat-blogging... I read recently that "blogging the cat" started out as a blogosphere term for "writing about something when you really have nothing else to say"--the nerve!) (I should also add that, while I have gone to multiple sites for Ragdoll cats just to look at pictures of Raggies, I have never ever posted on a forum in which--dear God, I'm not making this up--people have their cats "talk" to each other in baby talk.)

None of the current three CrazyStable cats is a basin-dweller, incidentally, nor were any of the four ex-cats.  One, however (the unforgettable Gordon) did fancy chasing his tail in the bathtub (and only in the bathtub). 

*Here's some synchronicity: If you check out this wonderful word on Word-Detective.com, then go back to the guy's home page, he has link to...he is obsessed with...pictures of kittens! Weird, huh?

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