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Catblogging Fridays--Who Knew?!

It has come to my attention that cat-loving bloggers (and the blogosphere is apparently purring with them) have an infant tradition known as "Catblogging Fridays." These entries, which mostly consist of cute/wacky pix of their kitties (and who can ever get enough of those? --I am serious), are rounded up weekly in a "Carnival of the Cats".  May I join? Please? Here is Lexi...lexonkeyboard.JPG

one of the CrazyStable 3...the 15-lb. Ragdoll...a.k.a. "Raggie," "Raglet," "Diva," "Floater-Bloater," "Killer Triller," "Love Sponge," and "Bloomer Girl." This photo is entitled "Why I absolutely cannot work sometimes." (Note that the critical "enter" and "backspace" keys are unavailable, and the Diva does not take kindly to tail interventions.)

In coming weeks: Raffles, (who, if we observed seniority, should have gone first), and Cocobop, the magnificent Greyboy...


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